A* Episode 31, Page 83

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  No new page today! (brain-dead excuses)Jul 24, 2017 2:05 PM PDT | url | discuss | + share
Short version: No new A* page today because I'm a goofball. Back at it tomorrow!
Overly long, excuse-laden version: Tossing and turning most of the night following questionable dining decisions yesterday evening, coupled with a plumber's visit to my studio apartment today, has left my confidence in my ability to make a decent A* page at a low enough ebb that I'm *not* going to try to work on a new page today, and will instead catch up or work ahead on things I can still do reasonably well while somewhat brain-dead, like sleep, backing up my A* files, applying for a local art show, mailing sketches to Patreon supporters, and scanning the ink piece for the next weekly A* art sale on Wednesday. Should be back to my usual bouncy, A* page-producing, functional bathroom-having self tomorrow!
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