A* Episode 36, Page 63

"Molecular biology pioneer" Sydney Brenner passed away recently; a "South African of Lithuanian descent," Brenner "helped establish the role played by the molecule RNA," among many other things—but the reason I cite this BBC article in particular is its final bit: "In his later years, he put much effort into building scientific capacity in Singapore. And it was the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore's lead public sector research agency, that announced Sydney Brenner's death on Friday morning."
: o A*STAR (that's the Wikipedia link; their official web site is awfully pokey—I couldn't get it working in Firefox, and only parts in Chrome, but I did notice that their "about" page says "We are trusted to always act in the best interest of Singapore"—so that's good to know) is run by Singapore's government, and operates themed R&D hubs named Biopolis and Fusionopolis (there's Fusionopolis One and Fusionopolis Two, which rather disappointingly look mostly like fancy modern office buildings).
My naming scheme would see their name pronounced "a star star," but I'm guessing they don't pronounce it that way. : P


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